Security Notice

For security reasons visitors to the Biometric Collection Centre are not permitted to bring items that pose a security risk such as:

  • Any sharp objects
  • Weapons or weapon-like objects.

The use of mobile phones, cameras and other video recording devices are strictly forbidden. Visitors will be asked to switch off their electronic devices and may be asked to place them in a secure cabinet prior to entering the centre.

Personal items will be subject to search at the entrance of the Biometric Collection Centre.  Anyone found carrying a dangerous item will be refused access to the centre.  Large luggage items are not permitted in the Biometric Collection Centre.

Only visa applicants, authorised representatives and authorised accompanying parties (such as those providing assistance to the mobility-impaired or those requiring translation) will be allowed access to the Biometric Collection Centre.

TLScontact thanks you for your co-operation in maintaining the security of this centre!